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''There's Something About Money''

"The poor mistake the struggle for the seeking
and never get beyond simply how to survive
The rich may win the game of the getting
but learn too late there's more to being alive."
--Walt Goodridge

This thing about money and seeking it
Just look closely I'm sure that you'll find
Those who have it in spades are still searching for joy
those in lack it's how their world is defined

This thing about money and having it
this we learn from the day of our birth
Simply having a lot can't give life meaning at all
but the absence speaks about your self worth

This thing about money and happiness
This both pauper and king know for sure
While it's true wealth won't buy you the joy that you seek
you're served no better at all being poor!

This thing about money and evil
all who get it know this to be true
The money you have doesn't change you at all
it just brings out the real inner you

This thing about money and needing it
truth will out despite all that you do
Yes reject and refuse it as much as you like
money matters for rent is still due

So please once and for all just admit it
Face the facts. Things will change. Guaranteed.
Accept that you're trapped in a money-mad world
and from the clutches of money you'll be freed!

No sir, money's not the answer to happiness
Those who have it attest beyond doubt
So if it's true once I'm rich I'll be seeking it still
Then I'd rather seek it with than without

COMMENTARY: Here's an interesting question. Do you mean less to yourself than the money you need?

Despite your protestations that money doesn't buy happiness; Despite your belief that it's the root of all evil; despite your unwillingness to attribute more meaning to it in your life; the fact still remains you've got rent to pay. So why do you run from money? Why do you allow your talents to go unrewarded? Why do you allow money to be absent in your life and suffer the indignity of borrowing from friends and family? Why do you struggle when it's just as easy to thrive?

At the risk of oversimplifying a complex issue, I suggest to you that the amount of money you allow into your life is in direct proportion to the amount of value you place on yourself--i.e. your self worth. One could argue, in other words, that there's a direct correlation between how much you love yourself and how much joy you allow yourself to experience in life-for in a dollar-driven world, money is the vehicle for the journey to peace of mind and happiness. How serene can you be with the landlord knocking at your door?

So is the possession and presence of money in your life always an indication of self-love? Absolutely not. We know many wealthy people for whom happiness is still an elusive dream. But we also know that for others, the absence of money, and the resulting struggle that many accept in their lives, reflects a reluctance to feel worthy of and embrace all the joy that life in our society offers; and it distracts you from the real search. I meet many people in my workshops who are conflicted about charging appropriately for their services, making more money than their parents, or simply pursuing wealth all because they undervalue their creations, and thus, themselves.

So do yourself a favor. Accept that it's part of a game that everyone born into a capitalistic society has to play to some degree. Whether wealthy or wanting, we all become trapped in the same race. Some get stuck at amateur. Some go on to Pro. In a dollar-driven world, every road leads to money. The journey only stops being about money once you get there! The real quest is for a happiness that money can't buy. The seeking never stops even when you have money, so you may as well have it while you search. Go for it!!!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #364
(There's Something About Money)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 09-17-2004
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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