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''Life Without Walls''

The walls came down around me
and at first I was really quite shocked
For you never know quite how much you have missed
when your vision has always been blocked

The walls came down around me
and for a time all the world could then see
That it matters not much what side of the wall you live on
for it stops each one and all from being free

The walls came down around me
and when a new day began to dawn
We all got excited for what life could become
once all the walls built around us were gone

The walls came down around me
but then someone gave in to the fear
For some can't imagine a life without walls
so they rebel when real freedom is near

The walls came down around me
and what I've learned now makes me frown
That the hardest thing to achieve when you're pursuing your dreams
is keeping those darn walls down!

Freedom has a price. Whether it's the freedom of being a full-time entrepreneur, the freedom of vulnerability in a relationship, or the freedom of pursuing and achieving your dreams, or the freedom of living in a free society, all freedom comes with a price. Taking risks as you venture into the unknown, changing old habits, redefining yourself and your views of others are the challenges we must face as we endeavor to enjoy the freedom life offers. If you're accustomed to seeing life through the narrow openings in the walls that society has built up around you, then the hardest part of growing into your new-found freedom, is keeping the old habits at bay while you establish new ones. Stay strong, and don't let your fears be manipulated by others who profit from them.

Passionseeker and coaching client Ken Greene has written a new book entitled When the Walls Came Down about his first-hand, survivor experience inside the World Trade Center when the walls fell, and with respect to the walls that some segments of our society seek to rebuild despite the optimism and opportunity for healing that existed after Sept 11, 2001. Read more at http://www.passionprofit.com/walls

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Walt's Life Rhyme #363
(Life Without Walls)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 09-10-2004
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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