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''Like Wishes and Water''

What good are all your wishes
when your words serve to negate?
What good are aspirations
when their power you debate?

For even without water
planted dreams might just take hold
But water from the wells of woe
on dreams will take its toll

Such words can dowse the flame
and kill your own will to succeed
Or words can be the water
that might save the starving seed

So speak your dreams aloud
and let them find a place to grow
Then water them with words
and all the power they bestow!

We talked about trust. And you felt it didn't exist. I offered a view of an alternate reality where love exists based on trust, and offered that you can find it, and others who live it, if you simply looked.

You could fathom, but had no faith.

So you countered my words with disbelief. So, I said the words again, and you parried with the only reality you know.

I said the words yet again. But this time, a moment of silence was what I asked of you. For there's power in letting the sound, scent, sight and substance of your secret dreams linger in the air without contest, without debate, and untainted by the water from the well of a jaded past.

I wanted them to take root somewhere in a quiet, unprotesting heart. So that when we speak again, we can water your wishes with only those words and actions that support the realization of your dreams, no matter how unfathomable they may seem!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #362
(Like Wishes and Water)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 09-03-2004
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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