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''a Game Called Feed The Seed''

aka a Game called Feed the Seed

We are gathered here today
for deeper reasons yet unknown
To pose to each a question
for some purpose to be shown

Yes someone holds a message
that is meant here to be shared
To help another cure a hurt
or face a challenge feared

Your presence is the proof
there's more beyond your mere arrival
For life never shows up
without the means for its survival

We all comprise the soil
that helps to nourish and to grow
So help another budding seed
share something that you know!

COMMENTARY: This weekend when you get together with family or friends, play Feed the Seed. Sort of like a truth or dare, but without the dare. The object of the game is to delve deeper into the potential and nourishing power that your family, friends and intimate relationships have in your life. To fully understand the power of this exercise/game, let me back up for a moment.

"Feed the Seed" is based on the belief that at any given moment, everything you need in your life is ALWAYS there through the people and situations that show up. Proof of this is readily available in nature. No seed ever buds where life is not supported. And birds migrate by instinct to where conditions support their survival. In other words, life won't appear unless the conditions are right. Similarly, your very presence here today, and for that matter ANY place you show up, is the proof that there's food there for you to grow. Your mission, like the ever-seeking roots of a growing tree is to delve ever deeper down into your environment in search of that food.

The reason some of those invited to an event don't show up; the reason why some people are not here today while others are is because they are someplace else that supports their growth at that specific moment. Their roots are someplace else. You, however, are always EXACTLY where you need to be. Where you are now, is right where your previous seeking has gotten you. You are always in your BEST environment for the moment. Your "environment" is comprised of the people and conditions you find yourself in. You are part of that environment for others. And the people in your life comprise your environment. And just the fact that you've shown up here means there's food to grow.

Furthermore, we stagnate and get stuck in life because we don't maximize the moments with these people or glean the most from our situations. Why is this person in my life? Why has this particular group convened tonight? Obviously there is an attraction of some sort, a hoped-for outcome, a seeking that has brought us here. So, let's maximize the moments in our lives, and play Feed the Seed!

Here are the rules
1. First, each person reveals his or her greatest personal fear, failure or feeling and why they feel that way. It must be something that they've never revealed before to the majority of the participants. (i.e. I fear I'll disappoint my kids because...", "I always feel out of control, because..." "I failed at my first marriage because...". I feel I'll fail in my business, because...)

2. Then, one by one, without interrupting anyone else, every other person then offers a comment or insight starting with "In my own experience, I've foundÖ." The goal is to offer supportive spiritual, mental and strategic food to encourage growth, by discovering another person's perspective or simply relating to another's similar experience.

3. Always speak from your own experience only. Never tell a person what they should or shouldn't do. Always validate the feelings and fears (never tell a person they shouldn't feel that way. To help, you might start your comments with "I know how you feel, I felt the same way, Here's what I found...etc.")

4. Remember, the game is its own reward. The object is simply to support one-another in a non-threatening, non-judgmental environment. The very act of sharing a deeper aspect of your thoughts and feelings, and of getting feedback at that deeper level is akin to a deepening of the roots that then soak up the nourishment that exists at that level--nourishment you could never find at a shallower level.

5. You can go around the room as often as you like, or simply do one round until everyone feels they got as deep as they want or need to. Remember:

The food you need is always there
delve deeper and you'll find
You're nourished through the people
with whose lives yours is entwined

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Walt's Life Rhyme #360
(a Game Called Feed The Seed)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 08-20-2004
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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