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''The Handwriting On The Wall''

As you read today's double-dose of Inspiration, think about how it applies to your relationships, your business affairs or dealings with coworkers on your job. Use it to reinforce the use of intuition as a guide in your life, and to help you prepare for life's seemingly unpredictable situations. Nothing happens by accident, or just out of the blue, you know.--Walt

The Handwriting On The Wall

It's not hard to tell the future
and in time you will agree
That everyone is well equipped
to see what prophets see

For all you need's a memory
and a working pair of eyes
To see beyond what's plain
and through most anyone's disguise

For actions not announcements
show what's really in one's heart
And feelings become clues to read
the future they impart

The way we do the single thing
is how all else is done
And odds of change unless compelled
go fast from bad to none

And most will do the very thing
that manifests their fears
Despite accumulated wisdom,
woes or intervening years

Yes everyone's a prophet
it's not difficult at all
It's easy once you're fluent
in handwritings on the wall

The Handwriting On The Wall

I knew it all along!
I wasn't shocked when it appeared
The thing that came to pass?
Yep, the very thing I truly feared

The most uncanny thing I've found
from younger years to old
I've got this knack for knowing
how things are likely to unfold

Sometimes things turn out wonderful
sometimes they go awry
But either way I'll sense it first
on this I can rely

When worry fills my day
the thing I fear will soon show up
On days my dreams excite me
blessings overflow my cup

The one thing that I can't predict
though, much to my dismay
Is whether fears or dreams
will rule my waking thoughts this day

With just that extra knowledge
Think of riches that could flow
I dream one day I'll get there
but, I fear more I'll never know

Ever had something occur that you predicted would come true? Do you often notice the evidence and clues of something about to happen that others seem oblivious to? When that happens, it's said you've seen "the handwriting on the wall."

Whether in our own lives, or in relation to how others will act, we all have this ability. The truth is, however, your ability to read this familiar handwriting may be more than your knack for PREDICTING the future. It could be, in fact, evidence of your success in CREATING it. Because

The handwriting on the wall reveals nothing less than
the sum of all your fears and nothing more than your faith in all your dreams

And people will ascend by faith to the equivalent height of their dreams
and descend through fear to the depths of their despair

And those who seem to have the power of prophecy
simply know this to be so.-Walt Goodridge

In other words, the sequence of steps that precede the outcomes in your life, as well as those intuitive glimpses, gut reactions, and prophetic insights that you experience right before life's seemingly predictable situations are not prophecy, they may, in fact, be plan. Things happen because of the attractive force of your fears, coupled with the creative power of your dreams. You've been attracting and creating these things all your life. You've also been noticing how other people attract and create in their own lives. So it's only natural that you get better and better at "predicting" the future.

To get better at prophecy, it helps to know these and other truths about yourself and other people:
1. A person's actions and feelings speak louder than words. So observe closely, and trust your instincts.
2. If it hatched from a duck egg, and was a duck yesterday and the day before, chances are it will be a duck today and tomorrow too. So accept that people will probably repeat tomorrow what they've been known to do today. (Yes, people CAN AND DO change. But in the absence of compelling reasons and the resulting effort on their part, you can predict what people will do)
3. The way we do anything is the way we do everything. One's personality shows through in every facet of life.

And by the way, always remember that YOU decide whether fears or dreams will rule your day! So the power of prophecy is in your thoughts.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #359
(The Handwriting On The Wall)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 08-13-2004
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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