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Enjoy Life's Frozen Treats

Time to make a Dreamsicle!
What's that??? I hear you say
A Dreamsicle's a treat you get
When life is going your way

It starts like steaming water
that evaporates as such
A dream too is a hot idea
like steam that's hard to touch

But cool the steam a bit
and liquid water's how it's known
And cooled ideas are actions
that like streams can wear through stone

Cool further, add some flavor
and like water when it's cold:
Your actions yield results
like tasty treats to touch and hold

So make your life a Dreamsicle!
And as silly as it may seem
Know that nothing's ever sweeter
than to live the life you dream!

COMMENTARY: Think about this. Everything in our reality in its most basic form is simply the same energy vibrating at different rates. Steam, water and ice are all the same H2O. A glass of water is nothing more than gaseous steam (high rate of vibration, invisible) that has cooled down to liquid form. And when cooled even further becomes solid ice (low rate of vibration, visible).

Similarly, your thoughts are nothing more than ideas (high rate of vibration, invisible) that have cooled down to become objects or results in your life (low rate of vibration, visible).

So, just as Popsicles are frozen, flavored soda pop on a stick, DREAMSICLES are what your dreams become when they cool down and take on solid form. (Work with me here!)

Yes, your dreams start out as steaming hot thoughts or ideas that, if cooled, flavored and prepared correctly, can yield one of life's tastiest treats! But be careful, ANY thought can become solid (Thoughtsicle, anyone?). But not all thoughtsicles are dreamsicles. Negative, fearful thoughts can solidify into something real in your life, but don't taste nearly as sweet. You've got to add the right flavor to all your thoughts so you get the taste you want out of life. So dream the dreams, set some goals, take the necessary actions, and enjoy all the flavor that life has to offer! Make your life a dreamsicle!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #358
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 08-06-2004
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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