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''The Regime Change''

Have you checked the captain's cabin?
Do we know who's at the helm?
Seems we're lead by fear to folly
headed for a rocky realm

Check the laundry list of blunders
lies and chases for wild geese
Motives made by mass deception
never lead to inner peace

Lest we lead the charge for change
and search and find the smoking gun
first amuck, aground, then out of town
is how we'll soon be run!

Matters not the method chosen
coup, impeachment or pogrom
Anything to stop the madness
get this over with and done

But don't expect a graceful exit
For kings and captains when deposed
often kick and scream in protest
'til new order is imposed

Thoughts like leaders are selected
but be warned: they might be fools
If you don't like where they take you
Time to change who makes the rules!

Who's making the rules in your life? Who or what is dictating what you aspire to, what you attempt and what you believe is possible for you? Who's controlling how you live your life? Is it your fear? Is it your history? Maybe it's someone else's fears and history. Whoever's in charge is in power because you've allowed their thoughts and ideas to assume power. You've elected (or selected) to give them free reign over your direction in life. Through the thoughts you entertain-thoughts of failure, thoughts of scarcity, thoughts of inadequacy-you have created certain results.

But, take heart, there are no effects of these thoughts that aren't within your power to reverse or change. Whether you stage a new election, an inner revolt (see Inspiration # Mental Coup d'etat) or request outside help (self help books, tapes, workshops, counseling/coaching, etc.), there are effective means of replacing the current "law makers" in your mind and installing new ones!

As you make these changes, however, be prepared that the old thoughts will invariably resurface to assert their dominance in your life. Watch out for those moments of doubt, and don't allow the old regime to retake the helm or seize the throne!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #341
(The Regime Change)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 04-09-2004
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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