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''The Seeker Makes The Move''

"She's always been saying yes, Walt.
You just haven't been asking the questions."

You've not yet asked the question
But the world's been saying yes
And no journey's undertaken
'til the question starts the quest

Ah, but once you ask the question
then all forces mobilize
And life's magic and its mystery
unfolds before your eyes

Things tend toward fulfillment
without question this you'll prove
But no answer finds its question
'til the seeker makes the move

An insightful statement a friend of mine made a few weeks ago inspired Today's Life Rhyme. It reminded me of something I truly believe. I believe that "things tend toward fulfillment". In other words, I maintain (despite what others may see as evidence to the contrary) that we live in a creative and friendly universe that supports us in the fulfillment of our goals. First however, you've got to be able to recognize how that creativity functions (See Insp #304: The Reconstruction Crisis).

In order to fully benefit from this creativity, you've got to be willing to frame your goals and ask the right questions. Once you do, however, new possibilities open up for you.

For instance, if I told you how smooth it was (pun intended) to set up Sunday's interview on Smooth Jazz 101.9FM, you'd think I was lying. I had all sorts of reasons for not making that initial call: "I'm not ready yet", "Perhaps there's a long waiting list" I thought. However, I eventually made the call to the station, spoke to Mark directly, and within two minutes, he invited me to appear on his Sunday Dialogue Program. Now that's both a testament to how supportive Mark is of his potential guests, as well as evidence of an answer that was always there simply waiting for me to ask the right question.

So today's Life Rhyme is a reminder that until you ask the right question, you may not recognize the answers and partake of the opportunities that life is waiting to give you. Until you make that move and ask for, and then seek the fulfillment of your dreams, you might never experience the abundance life has in store. Make the move, passion seeker!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #339
(The Seeker Makes The Move)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 03-26-2004
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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