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''If Oprah Calls, I'm Busy ''

If Oprah calls, I'm busy
Tell her I just couldn't wait any more
I had to do myself
the things I thought I'd need her for

If Oprah calls, I'm busy
And, no I'm not trying to be rude
I'm making the connections
between my world and attitude

If Oprah calls, I'm busy
Just say I'll have to get right back
I'm out here climbing walls
built by a mindset ruled by lack

If Oprah calls, I'm busy
sure I know "all the people I could reach"
But to best share what I know
I must first practice what I preach

If Oprah calls, I'm busy
Flattered. But, give her my regrets
Pursuing other options
'cause I had to hedge my bets

If Oprah calls--I'm--what's that?
you say she's holding on the line????! (gimme that!)
Busy? Ms Winfrey, don't be silly
For you? I'll always find the time!!!


This one is dedicated to all those aspiring authors, speakers, self-help gurus, inventors with passion-centered dreams of success. As I always remind my clients and workshop attendees: no ONE person holds the key to all the doors that lead to your desired future. Any plan that hinges on the actions or participation of that one individual for its success is inherently flawed. Always have a plan B. Whatever you believe you need from that one person may already be in your own power to achieve for yourself. Seek your own path. Become the thing you seek. Do for others that which you believe you need others to do for you.....BUT, if opportunity DOES open a door from your knocking, there's no need to get fanatic about it...step through and TAKE THE CALL, SILLY! :-)

P.S. Epilogue:
Okay, so call me a wimp
But come on, I had to take the call
It's not the fame and fortune, mind you
I owe it to her audience, after all! :-)

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Walt's Life Rhyme #337
(If Oprah Calls, I'm Busy )
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 03-12-2004
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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