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''Consolation Prize/But What if I'm Wrong?''

What if I just tell him that I'd rather we be friends?
What if I just say "not now, but who knows, it depends?"
What if we have dinner so the words will not offend?
What if we just date a while, then simply let it end?

Every right is yours my friend to do what makes you smile
And choose the ones with whom you'll laugh and linger for a while
And just because another chooses you to fill their days
Does not in any way mean you'll return his loving gaze

And no you won't be crude or crass or crush his heart to pieces
but blame your own mixed signals if his jones for you increases
No need for dissertation, doubt, deception or disguise
For neither time nor love should be a consolation prize

You're not required to give or be a consolation prize to someone simply because that person can't handle the truth of your lack of interest in them.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #335
(Consolation Prize/But What if I'm Wrong?)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 02-27-2004
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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