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''Tell Me How I'm Special ''

After Thursday's Passion Profit Workshop in Washington DC, I was approached by a gentleman who asked me a simple question. In the course of that dialogue, I was reminded that questions sometimes come with their own answers if you know how to hear them. Today's Life Rhyme is inspired by that exchange.

Tell Me How I'm Special (aka The Answered Question)


What's my gift and passion
that you say I should pursue?
Tell me how I'm special
'cause I haven't got a clue

I know it's not my brains
because I'm just your average sort
I know it's not my muscles
and I'm not too good at sport

I know it's not my talent
couldn't sing to save my soul
can't dance or draw or paint
and don't quite know my earthly role

So help me any way you can
If what you say is true
I need to find my calling
there's some things I want to do

I've triumphed over obstacles
I've wished, then worked, then won
I've learned a thing or two
and faced some fears I've overcome

But many--even those most dear
are stuck in traps of doubt
And once I find my gift
then I can show them safe ways out!

What I hear in your question is something quite powerful that you seem to have overlooked. You have a passion to succeed despite your obstacles. Although you think you were not endowed with obvious gifts, your accomplishments alone shine as valuable examples to those who believe, like you did, that they're just average. In addition, your heart-that burning desire to help others succeed-is as valuable an asset as any other more recognizable gift. Therefore, to do the most good for others, you may need to return and live among the very ones who understand you least, and simply be the you you've now become. For sometimes the best gift we have to offer the world is simply to be an example for them to follow. In other words:

Perhaps what makes you special
is not a single thing you do
but possibilities you represent
by simply being you

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Walt's Life Rhyme #325
(Tell Me How I'm Special )
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 12-19-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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