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''Just Us One ''

PREPARATION. Before you join me in the mental space from which today's inspiration has sprung, you may have to shift gears. So drop whatever you're doing at the moment, take a deep breath, and think about this.

I'd like you to think for a moment that none of us have ever experienced ANYTHING outside of our own minds. In other words, there isn't any object, any perception, any disappointment, any thing we that we can know as real that we can ever prove really exists by a means that doesn't involve our own senses. How do you know the mouse you're holding is real? You have to use sight, hearing, touch, taste or smell to convince yourself. So the truth is, everything that you know is knowable only as a function of your mind. Since there's no really objective proof that doesn't involve your own perceptions, it could be that the entire world is nothing but an elaborate illusion taking place nowhere else but within the confines of your skull. There's just no way you can ever be sure that there's really anyone or anything else out there but you. Everyone is walking around alone in a world that exists in their minds. Therefore, everyone is really experiencing a world of a single me. Just one "I am."

With that said, enjoy today's thoughts.

Just Us One

There's really no one else. No one else out there at all
Just one soul. With many different faces
And there's nowhere you can go. To escape or retreat
that you won't find me alive in all the same places

For if you look deep enough. Deep deep into my eyes
You'll see I'm right. You'll prove it fully beyond all doubt
for deep down within me past the illusion of separate selves
you'll find yourself inside me peering back out

And though you think that you hear me. Hear me talking to you
Listen closely and I trust that you'll find
That these words and the voice that seems to come from MY mouth
is the same one that echoes deep in your own mind

That's why you cannot hate another. Cannot blame or despise
You cannot hurt me, without feeling the same pain
That's why you cannot help your brother. Lift him up from despair
and avoid the very same experience of gain

This makes life so much easier. Makes it easy to connect.
And the reason why is that when all is said and done
There are no multitudes to master, none you ever need to know
No one at all. For there's really just us one...

They say if you want a smile you have to give one first.
They say if you want love, you have to show it first.
The reason why this is so is because there's really only one of us here.
So everything I do is really me doing unto me.

If you really appreciate not just the connectedness, but the unity and singularity of all things then you can't truly hate or hurt, and you'll see the folly of it all, and love all things as the one thing that it is.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled internal experience, already in progress...:-)

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Walt's Life Rhyme #320
(Just Us One )
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 11-14-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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