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''On Principle or Posture ''

At yesterday's event in Harlem, a participant asked a question: "You advocate taking risks," she started. "But, how do decide if in the choices you make you're being a risk taker or simply being foolish?" My answer?

On principle or posture, friend
is how you will decide
Is what you do for you
or to sustain your sense of pride?

Oh, sure, we all have bills to pay
and some have mouths to feed
But some dreams pay out dividends
whose risks they far exceed

The very things you fear you'll lose
are what keep you enslaved
but freedom comes from overcoming
challenges you've braved

Convenience or conscience? Hmmm
Which one will set your course?
When sails are filled with others' wind
you'll drown deep in remorse

There's one of two paths that you'll take
and one leads to your good
You'll do what honors passion
or what others think you should

To risk all you think matters
shapes your power to transcend
And know what's done on principle
will work out in the end!

There may be no safe way to cross the bridge. The risks inherent in the journey are just what they are. So unless you are prepared to give up the safety and security of standing (unhappily) on this side, you may not really be ready to cross over. So the question to ask is, "Which is more important to me? Do I follow my principle, take a chance, risk looking foolish, and take what may be the only path to my dream? Or do I remain where I think safety lies, and stay true to the current image of myself that I have constructed, however unfulfilling it may be?
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Walt's Life Rhyme #317
(On Principle or Posture )
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 10-24-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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