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''Excuses, Excuses ''

"..decisions come from the desire to want the thing desired to be true...That's all you need. Anything else that comes into your mind and out of your mouth other than 'I want this to be true' are just....

It's not about credentials
regulations or degrees
It's not about some board
that validates your expertise

It's not about the cash flow
or that "money's kinda tight"
It's not about your rent
or getting finances just right

It's not about you needing proof
and knowing this scheme works
It's not about your pension plan
job benefits or perks

It's not about your debts
or paying back the student loan
It's not about your age
or waiting 'til the kids are grown

And NO, it's not a time thing
so just stop THAT idle chatter
We all know people find the time
for things that really matter

So what is it that stops you?
Well, the truth is that you're scared
But rather than admit it
you just say you're unprepared

When children want they're fearless
for there's nothing they want more
But as adults choose safety
the predictable and sure

And skill and time and money?
You know what I'll say is true:
You've known those who do more with less
who're not half as bright as you!

Yes, all you need's desire
forget all that other stuff
And simply ask one question:
"Do I want this bad enough?"

COMMENTARY Are you ready to do this? When you answer, don't tell me why you think you can't before you even commit. Don't use your doubts and demons as the reasons why you won't try. The world's approval isn't a requirement for your commitment. Never has been. Never will be. If Martin Luther King, Jr. waited for this society's approval before committing to his dream, where would we be now? Just tell me first you really, really, really want this now. And THEN we'll worry about the how.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #316
(Excuses, Excuses )
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 10-17-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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