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''Fear not the Fanatic ''

I believe that for some of us, escape comes in the form of fearlessly embracing extremes. Let me explain in the form of a Life Rhyme:

Fear Not The Fanatic

I fear not the fanatic.
Mediocre scares me more.
It's those who fight fierce for a cause
who know what life is for

For anything the masses do
is suspect from the start
The world is trained to follow fashion
rarely gut or heart

Just try to change your thinking
Just try to go against the grain
Push hard the world starts pushing back
starts calling you insane

All things in moderation?
Yes, for some this may hold true
But victory goes to those
who go beyond and push on through

Sometimes to make great changes
you must go to some extremes
It's force of will that conquers
rigid thoughts and ways and means

So take the roads less traveled
seek new worlds and faster tracks
burn bridges and leap out on faith
run forward, don't look back

And call me what you will
contrary, zealot, cracked or crazed
With zeal come revolutions
and through zeal are new worlds made!!!!!!

Much of who I am today and many of the life-changing discoveries and insights I've achieved in my life have come from my exposure to beliefs and institutions that some may call radical or extreme.

Whether it was the eye-opening Scientology courses I've taken, the New Age books I've read, my vegan lifestyle, which grew out of an association with a friend in the Nation of Islam, my stint in a network marketing company, (an industry often termed "cultlike" by observers), the LifeSpring weekend (a self-help workshop), I've grown and developed as a result of embracing the wisdom that often comes through those who challenging traditional ways of thinking.

If you're going against the grain, you're likely to pick up a few splinters. From the beginning, I inherently realized that if I wanted a different life than that of the masses, that the things I did and what I believed would have to be different as well, and that there would be consequences. I was prepared for the ridicule. I was prepared for the judgement. I was prepared for the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that took me through 2 evictions, virtual homelessness, my own personal power grid failures and blackouts (that's what happens when you don't pay the bill) and everything I've experienced in my journey.

I sincerely believe that it is this embrace of things extreme that has helped me to create the lifestyle that I now enjoy. In helping others to pursue their passions, I recently encouraged one of my coaching clients to be open to ideas and teachings even from those who others may call fanatic.

The fact is, in some way, we're always fighting a battle to first discover and then maintain our true identity.

Some of us lose the battle to what's familiar to us (i.e. Giving up on your true calling in favor of what others want you to be, or what you think is "safe"). And some of us surrender willingly to that which we wish to become. (ie.immersing yourself with zeal in a new belief system that gets you where you want to go).

So decide which you prefer. But don't fear what others call fanatic. It may be the only thing that saves you!

Inspired by Z.O.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #315
(Fear not the Fanatic )
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 10-10-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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