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''Someone Lied ''

I hope you don't mind me using today's life rhyme to pass on a personal message to a dear friend who's battling demons of doubt and suffering feelings of inadequacy.

What do you tell a friend to have her truly recognize, accept and really believe in the inner greatness that's evident to everyone but her? I'm not sure if words alone can do, but all I can say is

Someone Lied

Someone lied
and told you that you had to save the world
And honestly that's too much pressure
for a little girl

Someone lied
and told you that you just weren't good enough
and burdened you with guilt
and weighed you down with all THEIR stuff

Someone lied
so now your actions lack a certain verve
the victim of a heart
that never got what it deserved

Someone lied
so now you seek to shoulder all life's blame
despite the fact you've helped
to raise the level of our game

Someone lied
so now you're blind to truths that others see
and cast yourself as captive
when in fact your really free

Someone lied
so now you feel inadequate some days
in spite of past performances
and accolades and praise

Someone lied
I wish I could undo those lies you've heard
and prove your false assumptions
are just patently absurd

Someone lied
but hold on, don't give up, please push on through.
There's more to you than meets your eye
I swear to you that's true

Someone lied
all I can do is hope that someday soon
you'll revel with us all
and know the glory that is you!

I know how you feel. It must be depressing to believe that you're not measuring up to what you feel others expect of you. It must hurt to feel that you've let people down. I don't know what I can do to lift that burden from you, but I can offer my observations. There's our own reality and then there's truth. And while your reality is whichever one you choose to believe, I believe that there is another truth that exists outside of you and that the rest of us see more clearly than you do. There is an objective reality that you may not see, but that I can assure exists. There's a beauty, talents and abilities, sufficiency, grace and success that's clearly there. Even if all you have at this point is my assurance that things are NOT in fact what YOU believe them to be, I hope that you'll continue the journey on faith and believe, at least, that you'll eventually join us on this side of your mirror, so you can see what we see in you.

Your presence here has not been in vain. You have not let us down. We love you just the way you are. And, in fact, many of us wish we had the beauty we see in you. You're a winner! You're a champion!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #314
(Someone Lied )
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 10-03-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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