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''When Spinning Wheels Touch Ground! ''

I'm currently reading Robert Kiyosaki's Retire Young Retire Rich in which he outlines the 10 year plan that he and his wife Kim followed to be able to retire with passive income in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly. Their secret: rather than work for a paycheck, they spent their days building assets. Even when they had to live in their car for three weeks, they never gave in to the temptation to follow their friends' admonitions and "get a real job!" In their case, the assets they chose to focus on instead were businesses ventures and real estate in the form of rental property.

He states, "The trouble with working at a job for money is that you have to start over selling your labor each and every morning. In most cases, your labor has no long-term residual value, if you are working for money. On top of that, if you are working for money, then your earning potential is limited. If you work slowly acquiring assets (businesses, products, paper assets, rental property real estate), your income potential is infinite and that income can be passed on for generations to come. Your job or profession is not something you can pass on in your will to your children."

Often, as you follow the passion path to freedom, there'll be times you feel that you're just spinning your wheels because you don't immediately see the fruits of your labor. Once you're operating outside the box of conventional thinking, you'll find that few will understand the sacrifice you're making in the short term in order to have long term freedom and real security. There'll come a moment, however, when your revving car with its spinning wheels finally touches down on the road towards your envisioned future.

When Spinning Wheels Touch Ground

We'll bust out of the gate
and shock them all and win the race!
and all their doubts and digs
with awe we'll instantly replace!

They'll call our meteoric rise
an "overnight success"
They won't see all the sacrifice
or months and years of stress

The speeds that we'll attain
and yes, the distances we'll reach
will leave observers guessing
and the critics without speech

With mikes and cameras rolling
and the spotlight in our eye
They'll say, "So what's your secret???"
and to this we will reply:

Been busy building assets
'stead of looking for a job
Not happy chasing paychecks
so our time no one can rob

Preferred pursuing passion
even if we worked for free
In time the time invested
will pay dividends, you see

While revving, others passed us
Felt like losers. But we found
We made up for it all in time
once spinning wheels touched ground!

So, to all my entrepreneurial friends and those pursuing their passions who feel the same way: Stay focused on the dream! The time you're spending in creation mode is an investment in your future. Don't give in to the pressure to conform and run someone else's race. You're on the right track. You'll soon kick up some dust when your wheels touch ground!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #309
(When Spinning Wheels Touch Ground! )
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 08-29-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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