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''Connect The Dots ''

PROLOGUE: Fragmentation
With your world in pieces
life's a puzzle and pretense
once the lines are drawn
the picture's clear and things make sense

Connect the Dots

Pick up all the pieces
that are strewn about the floor
they represent your talents
each with worlds yet to explore

Gather all the games you played
that used to make you smile
And know that in your joy
life gives you clues to what's worthwhile

Recollect the words of praise
of people that you've met
the world can see your magic
although you yourself forget

Consider all the things you've done
that boosted your self worth
chances are those very things
are why you're here on earth

Yes, life is like a picture game
with lines lost or concealed
reconnect the dots
your hidden life can be revealed!

Remember playing "Connect the Dots" when you were young? By using your pencil to draw lines from numbers in sequence on a page, you were able to draw a picture that was previously invisible to view. Well life can be like that. Sometimes, discovering your passion is about connecting the dots from one experience, or one idea, or one awareness to another in a sequence that reveals a picture that's always been there, but that was unclear since the lines weren't clearly drawn. I've found that if you recall the things you enjoy, the talents that you've left undeveloped, the things others say about you, and those activities that give you your greatest sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and self-worth, that you'll be closer to discovering your true passion! It's like compiling a collection of your greatest hits! (In "Turn Your Passion Into Profit", I call that process the Discovery Exercises).

Furthermore, once you've found that thing that is your passion, you'll find that there was indeed always an underlying thread connecting the seemingly disconnected experiences and encounters throughout your life. You'll find that in some way, you've always been doing "that thing" in some form or another. Once that connection is made, you'll be sure that you're truly in alignment with your purpose!

EPILOGUE: Your Greatest Hits
Reconnect your dots
then put each picture where it fits
Add up all your assets
and compile your greatest hits!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #307
(Connect The Dots )
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 08-15-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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