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''All Roads''

That which you fear becoming
that you flee from and despise
is brought to life since fears
do not repel but magnetize

Your efforts to define yourself
as NOT this thing or that
gives power to the very thing
you're seeking to combat

You'll often find in life it seems
no matter what you do
all choices based on fears
will bring those fears right back to you

A thing feared is empowered
then that thing assumes control
And all roads lead you there
because your fear becomes your goal

You never can outrun the fears
that live within your mind
accept them first or else
by them you'll always be defined

Confront the very thing you feel
will be your great undoing
beyond it you'll find freedom
and the one road worth pursuing!

Have you ever noticed that although you've made the best efforts to be exactly the opposite, say, of a person or type of person you despise, that one day you find that you've become the very thing you'd been trying hard NOT to be? Or, have you made efforts not to choose a particular type of person as a partner, and found that you've ended up in the same relationship yet again, with just a different face?

The reason is that while your outward choices and actions may have appeared different, what remained the same was the inner identification with the thing you feared.

In other words, when you say, "I don't want or want to be anything like 'this'," you have given 'this' the power. 'This' then becomes the subject of your definition of yourself. Until you create an entirely new definition of who you know yourself to be (i.e. I am "that"), then all your actions,no matter how seemingly different, will be merely elaborate, creative and ingeniously disguised ways to end up in the same place....every time.

The more we fear a thing, the greater is its power over us, and the more control we give over to the very thing we fear. And every path based on fear knows only one destination. It will always lead to itself. All roads lead to the thing envisioned.

Our emotions give focus to our thoughts. And fear is nothing but another emotion that gives a charge to that upon which we dwell in our minds. The thing we focus on then becomes the goal we subconsciously program ourselves to create and achieve. It is bound by the laws of creation to attract unto itself the very circumstances and people which will help it manifest itself.

The solution, therefore, is to run towards your fear. You've got to move in the very direction of the thing you fear. Once confronted, accepted, and then only BEYOND it will you find the NEW definition of yourself that you truly seek. And you can then apply the the same creative forces to create your new "I am."

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Walt's Life Rhyme #302
(All Roads)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 07-11-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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