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''Without a Clear Objective''

Without a clear objective
there's no way for you to know
whether what you choose has meaning
or is just a moment's show

Without a clear objective
there's no telling what you'll do
When you don't know where you're going
well then, any road will do

And, without a clear objective
there'll be times you'll want to hide
you'll resent life's impositions
and feel taken for a ride

Without a clear objective
people make you part of theirs
you'll go fighting all their battles
get swept up in their affairs

Without a clear objective
you can't know if you're off track
life's one detour then another
no main road that calls you back

But with purpose you gain power
strength to do a world of good
for beyond all doubt and question
you'll be doing what you should

And with purpose you gain clarity
to choose what's right for you
"Does this help or does it hinder me?"
(And you'll know what you should do)

And with purpose you gain courage
to embrace life without fear
When you know where you are going
every road helps you get there

And with purpose you gain time
to handle all of life's concerns
for you know when this is over
you've got someplace to return

And with purpose you gain peace
and chaos leaves without a trace
For when you're clear about your calling
everything falls into place!

Are you feeling stressed? Do you feel confused by the many options and opportunities that are open to you. Don't know which to choose? Are you feeling stretched to the limit by the many obligations and expectations the world has of you? Well, it could simply be that you're not clear about your calling. When you have a clear idea of why you're here on the planet, then things tend to make a bit more sense.

If there was something that you do that you absolutely knew was your purpose, then everything else would take its rightful place in the hierarchy of your mind. So, when faced with opportunities, you wouldn't wonder, "Is this more important than what I'm currently doing? Is that a better opportunity than this?" And when the demands of being mother, wife, sister or friend get overwhelming, you wouldn't feel yourself frustrated by those duties and responsibilities for you would know that while important, after you've handled them, you'd have something to return to focus on.

When required to make choices, you could simply measure them against your purpose and ask, "Does this help me to accomplish or hinder me from doing the "thing" I'm here to do?" How can I help this person and their cause, without diverting myself from my core expertise and from doing what I do best?" What's my purpose?"

Suggested reading: The Tao of Wow
which includes an overview of the 45 life themes expressed as
"The 45 ways of Men (and Women)"

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Walt's Life Rhyme #299
(Without a Clear Objective)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 06-20-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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