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''Find the Future ''

The future's just a place to live
you haven't lived before
it's yours the day you really see YOU
stepping through the door

The future's just the things you'll own
you haven't bought as yet
You still believe that what you have
is all that you should get

The future's just a car you'll drive
that sits now in a show room
The more you see YOU in it
pretty soon...guess what? zoom zoom

The future's just some clothes you'll wear
that now sit on a shelf
They come by magic once you change
your image of yourself

The future's just the cash you'll have
you feel you don't deserve
Your money's a reflection
of the self-worth you preserve

The future's just the things you'll do
you've not made time for yet
and all that stands between you
are the goals you first must set

No law exists that says
the journey must in fact be long
The future's just what happens
once convinced that you belong!

Here's the secret of Time Travel: No matter what future you can imagine for yourself, there's someone, somewhere who's living it right now. The car you'll drive, the house you'll live in, the clothes you'll wear, etc., all exist right now. Find them. Walk around in them. Try them on. Test drive them. Associate with those who are living your future, and convince yourself you belong.

''The future is a frame of mind
achieved by a sequence of
present-time experiences.''

-Walt Goodridge

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Walt's Life Rhyme #295
(Find the Future )
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 05-23-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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