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''There's More ''

I was recently interviewed for an article on the motivationalmoments.com site. The following was inspired by a particular question asked by interviewer and site founder, Nigel Alston, a long-time Friday Inspiration reader.
Here's an excerpt:

Nigel A: What do you know for sure?
Walt G: About the only thing I know for sure, is that it would be foolish to claim to know anything with absolute certainty. That's about all I'm sure of. In other words, I'm sure that we can never really be sure, and even then, I'm not so sure. :-) Everything that we think we know could be rendered useless and be found to be totally off the mark in the blink of an eye, i.e. the dawning of a new consciousness. Presumably, all of this [gestures to mean the whole world] with all the apparent injustice, chaos, and strife, could reflect some hidden purpose and meaning which could all become perfectly clear in the blink of an eye--or maybe not.

So what I believe is this: there's more. There's more power that we have. There's more that we know that we don't even know we know. More to the story. More to the questions. More to the answers. And, once you accept that there's "more", then nothing can be an absolute, everything becomes a transition towards greater understanding, and life becomes an unknown for which we seek answers.

There's More

more power you have access to
more knowledge than what's known
more options than those offered here
more views than what are shown

more questions than we ask each day
more answers than we're given
more journeys that we've yet to take
more roads than we have driven

there's more at work behind the scenes
more beauty than we see
more causes behind all effects
more ways for us to be

there's more to life than what we think
more wisdom not yet matched
there's more beyond the world we'll know
perhaps once we're detached

And, applied to the more mundane ''day to day'' of life, realizing that 'there's more' can help you be patient in your relationships, more forgiving of the world and her people, more objective when it comes to forming opinions and making judgments about others, and even when making business deals.

But, wait, there's more! To view the entire article and interview, Click here

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Walt's Life Rhyme #294
(There's More )
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 05-16-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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