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''This Life''

Over the years, I've used many different metaphors in the Friday Inspirations to make different points. I've encountered many different beliefs that people have adopted to cope with the things that happen to them in life. Today's inspiration is about choosing the right metaphor for....

This life as road to travel
with much scenery to the side
with no real destination
just relax, enjoy the ride

This life as race for others
out in front they lead the pack
ever watchful for who's gaining
so they're always looking back

This life as war some live
upon a constant battlefield
ambushed at any moment
by new enemies revealed

This life as show for watching
keeps some always on the fringe
Observers, not involved
until the final act begins

This life as dream for some
all's just a fantasy they say
Merrily thinking what they do
won't matter anyway

This life as maze and mystery
sets some always on a quest
In constant search for answers
seeking truths not yet expressed

This life as nature's fury
for so many is the norm
while buffeted and battered
they're the center of the storm

This life as mere existence
with no purpose or pursuit
Who knows, perhaps, not sure? Oh well
The question might be moot

This life as roller coaster ride
ah, now the games begin
A crazy, topsy turvy ride
Let's go! Have fun! Hop in!

This life as test, (my favorite)
yes, this view has served me well
a grade for every challenge faced
I pass it and excel

No right or wrong perhaps
but for the happiness you seek
Do current choices bring you bliss
or do they make life bleak?

How do you decide if you're living the right metaphor? Well, you first must believe that you do, in fact, have a choice in the matter, and that any metaphor you're presently living is simply a choice you made a long time ago, when you were very young, and before you even knew you were choosing. You must first believe that you have a bit more control of the day to day realities you experience simply by making different choices in the metaphors you believe in.

Once you accept that, then Ask yourself, "Does the view I'm choosing get me what I say I really want, or does it simply keep me wedded to my fears? Does it help me respond in ways that empower me, or does it simply allow me to say, "See? I was right!"; even if what I'm right about is something negative.

Would a different belief help me act and react differently to the things that happen to me? For example, How would I respond to people's statements and actions towards me if I really believed that instead of being evil, that people are basically good and kind, with occasional lapses in judgement? How would I respond to this situation if I believed that the universe is "friendly, ordered, predictable, supportive, and full of abundance" rather than a "hostile, random, free for all battlefield" where anything goes!

Practice asking those types of questions today. For as mentioned in a previous inspiration, "for if your life is the answer to a question your life depends on which question you ask"

Choose the right metaphor today.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #292
(This Life)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 05-02-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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