Walt's Life Rhyme #290     And if Sharing Were Like Breathing    A unique brand of inspiration by Walt F.J. Goodridge! (Originally sent as Walt's Friday Inspirations)

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''And if Sharing Were Like Breathing ''

If I asked the price of wisdom
would you know just what I meant?
I'd be asking if you thought that it
was bought, borrowed or spent

For if bought then there's a price you pay
for all the things you know
and if borrowed then in time
you must give back like seeds you sow

But if spent, then by its giving
you believe its worth decreases
and you hold on tight to what you know
reluctant to release it

And if spent, then you believe as well
the wisdom that you get
increases your own value
over those you've not yet met

Ah, but what if we believed instead
true wisdom were like air?
available to all who breathe
and just for being here

And what if just like breathing
we receive, and then we give
and what we share is just the thing
that others need to live?

And of knowledge being power?
Well, that's only partly true.
The power comes from sharing
and that's how it strengthens you

And if, in fact, it's more like air
this truth we all should know
for sharing then becomes
the only way we truly grow!

Isn't it perfect how nature has created a symbiotic relationship between plants and animals? The very thing that we, as animals, give off when we breathe, Carbon Dioxide, is the very thing that plants need in order to do what they do, and in turn they give off Oxygen, the very thing that WE need. How perfect! Well, it's the same in many aspects of life and business (ie. passion and profit).

I've found that the best, most profitable business partnerships and strategic alliances are those in which MY greatest immediate need (for sales support, marketing skills, etc.) is just what my new partner brings to the table. And similarly, what THEY are looking for, is just what I can offer. (And it's not coincidental that people come into your life at certain moments with specific needs and talents.) Look for the synergy, and know, too, that you can substitute anything in place of the ''wisdom'' in today's inspiration. Whether it's love, support, encouragement, happiness, or peace, sharing what you have is the only way to grow. And, just like breathing, what you share will give life to another, and indirectly help you to grow as well! That's just how it is! And now that you know just how easy and perfectly things work in the universe, well, you can breathe a sigh of relief!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #290
(And if Sharing Were Like Breathing )
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 04-18-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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