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''A Process of Conversion ''

Last week's inspiration included reader feedback to Inspiration #287 (''Breath As You Move'') which suggested, in part, ''..make every effort to live in a ''NOW'' that includes the laughter, the enjoyment, the travel, the time spent with friends and family, and every ideal that you associate with your ''Destination.''

*Tammy wrote: ''Walt, I have just recently discovered your website and have only received two of your friday letters but, found both of them very interesting. I particularly enjoyed this past friday. I agree with it but am not so sure how to do just that when there is the house payment, daycare payments, insurance, etc. It seems like it would be so easy do just go out and enjoy life but unless you have a job that pays good money the travel and some of the other things are out of reach. I am in a predicament where I want to find a job that I enjoy but I also have the responsibility of paying for half of everything in our lives. How do I venture out and take care of my son and enjoy my life now?''

As promised, Tammy, here is my response:
What I offer in my books and workshops and often in these Friday Inspirations is simply the awareness that other choices exist for how to live your life. These options, however, often require a sustained effort and focussed intention in order to first make them real, and then make them work. The way things are currently structured in your life, I'm sure the options appear limited. There's no ''passion seekers wanted'' section of your daily paper. There's no tried and true path for those looking to turn passion into profit. (until we came along, that is!) The only choices you'll likely see will seem to reinforce the stark contrast between the road the masses take--with the roadside littered with discarded dreams--and a road called ''Passion Seeker Way'', a road less traveled, and thus for which, unfortunately, fewer maps exist.

The truth is, that ''Yes, Tammy, you CAN make money doing what you love.'' But, it requires seeing that possibility as an ongoing process of conversion from one reality to another, not a ''now or not at all'' proposition. The fist step is simply knowing that the future you desire exists as a road you can travel. It's not a single decision that either works or not, but a step by step journey in which you make successive choices that support the goal and keep you headed in the desired direction, not away from it. This doesn't always happen overnight. But, unless you see it as a possible, and a necessary process of conversion, rather than a ''today only'' choice you'll never even take the first steps to get there. Yes, there will come a day where you're doing what you love AND the food, clothing and shelter responsibilities are being taken care of financially. And as that day approaches, every ''now'' will get a little more satisfying. So, take a step today by sharing the venture and the vision with your son, and ask yourself, ''What do I love to do?''

A Process of Conversion
(aka ''Yes, Tammy, You Can Make Money Doing What You Love'')

I never said that ''easy''
would define the path you'd take
I'll say, though, your assumption
is perhaps your first mistake

For passion OR for profit?
as if both mutually exclude;
as if in lieu of freedom
we choose shelter, clothes and food

Now, I'm not saying that your duties
will just up and disappear
what will change is your perception
of the skills you bring to bear

Yes, it seems from where you stand
this is a SINGLE choice make
when, in fact it's MANY choices
in a journey that you take

There's no wand that I can wave
no incantation I can say
that can simply make it right
'cause this ol' world don't work that way

And if such ''rock and hard-place'' choices
represent all that you see
then ''the best of all known choices''
won't do much to set you free

for a job is just a job
no matter who's running the show
But a passion's something fluid
that you make up as you grow

So the answer to your question's
in your question, I've no doubt
it's a process of conversion
choose your path and ''venture out''

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Walt's Life Rhyme #289
(A Process of Conversion )
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 04-11-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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