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''The Very Thing I Seek''

"Not all who peer through prison bars
are equally confined
Some roam free in chains
while some are shackled by their minds."--Walt

The fact he even asked it
is what took me by surprise
The question blocked the options
that were there before my eyes

(I'd called him to enlist his aid
to plan my great escape
his crazy scheme, quite frankly
well, it bent me out of shape!)

For here I was in dire need
and yearning to be free
What he advised seemed likely
to extend captivity

But, now on closer viewing
it's embarrassingly clear
I didn't see the options
what I saw instead was fear

Proposed, he did, a question
young and old should learn to speak
"How can I bring to others' lives
the very thing I seek?"

Ironic, yes, but safe to say
and surer still to bet:
sometimes your safety lies
where there appears the greatest threat

And options that on first glance
might seem drastically opposed
might just provide the answer
if the question's rightly posed

What first I saw as prison
did in fact have me confined
But now I'll scale these walls
using the very chains that bind!

A friend and mentor was advising me on a business challenge for which he was offering me solutions. To one challenge in particular, he asked a question, and I immediately, and uncharacteristically, responded, "Heck, No!

Now, it usually isn't like me to respond so quickly without a certain amount of forethought. But his suggestion seemed so far in opposition to my desired outcome, that I thought it was patently absurd! (Cool! How often do you get to use the phrase 'patently absurd' in a real-life situation? )

Without getting into too much detail, he asked if, as a means to an end, I would consider offering a service to someone, which, in my view would have immersed me in the very situations, and challenges I'd been facing, but hoping to eliminate all these years.

What I hadn't immediately recognized (though I teach it in my own workshops!) was that that specific experience equipped me with an understanding of the frustrations, and an idea of what a solution would look like. I now possessed insights, skills, and even valuable contacts, therefore, to be AN AGENT for that solution to other individuals equally burdened and frustrated. But, as long as I saw myself as being personally responsible for solving the challenge (ie. through my own efforts), I would miss the opportunity the situation presented. Now, of course, I do that all the time in my Passion Profit workshops, by connecting to people who are frustrated employees like I once was, but I didn't see the same option in my own case)

So, therefore, "to make a long story": On this first Official Passion Day, as you look to Discover, Develop and Profit from your passion, ask yourself, ""How can I bring to others' lives, the very thing I seek?" What is the thing I dream of in my own life? Can I be or make that dream come true for others? What is the thing I'm running away from? Can I provide escape for others as well? (Tip: How many of the now popular Dating Services might have been started by people interested themselves, in meeting Mr. or Ms. Right?)

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Walt's Life Rhyme #284
(The Very Thing I Seek)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 03-07-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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