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''The Outward Path''

...Or your life may be a circle
growing outward from the core
like an ever widening sphere
each passing day including more

Things inside this sphere of life
all represent your comfort zone
things you've seen and know and do
while things outside remain unknown

So the trick to living fully
reaping all the good you sow
is to clear the outward path
give your sphere some room to grow

Therefore, clear away the clutter
tie and store away loose ends
fix those nagging bits and pieces
speak forgiveness, make amends

Clear away all known obstructions
things not done you've known you should
For in some way, shape or form
these things are keeping back your good

And address all matters equally
unrelated though they seem
Oft the thing you've most avoided
is the key to your life's dream!

Once you deal with each obstruction
(to this truth I can attest)
More and more life will bestow on you
it's good, better... then best!

Some of the good things you aspire to in life will only happen when the path is clear. But the path isn't always in front of you. Sometimes the blockages to our forward motion (what I prefer to see as an outward expansion of a circle or, more accurately, a sphere) are not just in front of us (the things you need to do), but to the left, to the right (the things in related areas of our lives), the things above us (spiritual matters), and even behind us (the things in the past).

So our lives will improve (expand to include more within its enclosed area), when the things that block the expansion are removed. Those blockages can be words that need to be spoken, feelings that need to be expressed, postponed tasks from the past that need to be accomplished. Take the time in this first month of the year to take care of all this "stuff" that in some way is blocking your sphere from expanding fully in the outward path! Get to it, and let me know some of the connections you've found between seemingly unrelated areas in your life!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #281
(The Outward Path)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 02-14-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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