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''No Such Thing''

"How can my thoughts betray me
if my thoughts and I are one?
My thoughts and words are simply tools
by which my will is done"--Walt

Failure as an outcome
in my world does not exist
But let's explore this fully
so my point here isn't missed

The life that you've been living's
been the outcome of your will
no matter how you end this year
that fact stays that way still

When fate is seen as punishment
imposed on from without
then fear of failure looms
and every outcome seems in doubt

But goals and resolutions
brought to failure or success
reflect OUR daily choices
nothing more and nothing less

There's no such thing as failure
There's no way to lose a game
where both player and opponent,
made and maker are the same!

Appropriate for the new year, which many people use as a time to reinvent themselves, make resolutions and set new goals. I offer you an alternate view on success and failure that you can apply to daily concerns as well as more spiritually far-reaching contemplations!

NOTE: Today's inspiration was inspired by my understanding of the SECOND of the Ten Illusions of Humans: that "Failure" exits. These ten beliefs form the basis of the flawed perception of reality that causes all of mankind's woes. The ten illusions are that

1. Need Exists (covered in Inspiration #278 on 12/20/02)
2. Failure Exists (*today's inspiration)
3. Disunity Exists
4. Insufficiency Exists
5. Requirements Exists
6. Judgement Exists
7. Condemnation Exists
8. Conditionality Exists
9. Superiority Exists
10.Ignorance Exists

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Walt's Life Rhyme #280
(No Such Thing)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 02-07-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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