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''Nothing's Wasted (Masterpiece in the Making)''

PROLOGUE: "Snapshot"

"For life's not a pose nor a picture, my friend
where one click shows "the life of my dream"
It's a river 'round hills, over stones and down falls
gathering strength for what's waiting downstream"

Don't belabor the absence of this thing or that
nor stress over 'wrong' turns that you took
Don't despair that you're not where you thought you would be
with reminders everywhere that you look

No the years were not wasted though seemingly so
(I know progress feels slow and painstaking )
But each heartache and triumph and laughter and tear's
been your masterpiece life in the making

Nothing's wasted. It all led you here to this day
with experience and skills you can use
And when viewed as a path things may start to make sense
when life's seen in this way you CAN'T LOSE!

Several times this week, and during Wednesday's Passion Profit workshop, the concept of "wasted time" came up. People often feel--as they assess the "success" of their lives--that if things aren't presently as they wish them to be, that not only have they failed, but that everything they've done up to this point has been an exercise in futility--a wasted effort.

I suggest to you that nothing--no job you've ever had; no relationship you've ever been in; no business venture that didn't quite take off--has ever been a waste, unless you choose to see it that way. Although I spent 7 years in the corporate world--in a job I didn't like--I recognize the benefits of experience, skills, friendships and serendipitous events that being there brought me. I see the unifying theme that runs through my early life in Jamaica, my high school experiences, my college years, my radio station stint, my artist management debacle, my record label downfall, the unique network marketing experience, the leap into being a full-time entrepreneur, the resulting debt, the evictions, and all the ongoing ups and downs of this journey that I'm on. [for the full story, see Turn Your Passion Into Profit now $5.00 off for the Holiday! www.PassionProfit.com] I see how it all worked in divine order to bring me here today.

I see clearly that in order for me to really help others to achieve their dreams of turning passion into profit, that I NEED to go through every single one of the setbacks and triumphs that I have, in order to be effective. What keeps me going is that simple belief that there's a masterpiece in the making, and that EVERYTHING is necessary. Remember: Once you know that you're in pursuit of your passion, you enjoy the journey regardless of the ups and downs and detours you experience. Nothing's Wasted!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #277
(Nothing's Wasted (Masterpiece in the Making))
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 01-17-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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