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''Mastering Me''

Before, within in your shadow
all I saw were cloudy skies
the forecast's not as gloomy
when I see with my own eyes

and now....

Mastering Me
(Dedicated to those who are "breaking free" and are discovering themselves anew.)

I'm getting through it daily
though indeed it's quite a course
Unlike before my answers now
come from a different source

I've learned now how to separate
and choose a different train*
The scenery here's much different
skies of blue instead of rain

I've learned now how to recognize
where I and you both end
What's yours is yours, what's mine is mine
this truth I now defend

I've learned how early thoughts of me
all made me feel "less than"
I've learned now to reframe the world
in ways that say "I can!"

I've learned a whole new set of rules
designed to help me grow
To former thoughts of smaller "ME"s
I've learned to just say no

So now when I am tested
by things I once just couldn't see
I pass with flying colors
For now I'm finally mastering me

When your mind is young, people can have an inordinate influence and impact on you and whom you believe you are. If you're fortunate, and determined, however, you can unlearn present views of you that don't serve you, and develop your mastery of whom you ought to know yourself to be The steps are: Separation, Recognition, Reinterpretation, Growth & Mastery.

You first must be able to physically separate from the oppressive or negative environment. Even the proximity to such thoughts can keep you trapped. *Take a Different Train: For "Now" is a place we travel to And our best thoughts are what get us here

The next step is the recognition of your separateness. Not a real separateness, of course, because we are all connected. But separateness in that the issues that another individuals deals with in his or her life on this plan are uniquely their own. Once you recognize this, you can seek your definition of yourself from other sources.

You must now develop the skills of introspection and critical thinking that will allow you to create new truths for yourself.

Realize that life is indeed a journey, not a destination, and commit yourself to the journey of self-growth and discovery.

Once you separate, recognize, re-interpret, and grow, then you'll find that the thoughts, words and actions of others that used to define you, now merely annoy or amuse you. Herein lies the test. Once you realize that you aren't being pulled in, you can rest assured that you've grown, and passed with flying colors!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #276
(Mastering Me)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 01-10-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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