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''And Butterflies DO Fly''

It may seem quite presumptious
but still, just hear me out
The only thing that's stopping you
is that you're plagued with doubt

You need no one's approval
for the things you want to do
The most the world can tell you
is what THEY'VE seen to be true

But trust me when I tell you
less than you have tried and won
They simply chose to disregard
what men said can't be done

Accept someone's opinion
you accept their truths and fears
Don't be surprised if, therefore, you live
not YOUR life but theirs!

Again there's no one out there
who can know what you can do
The only expert on your life
You got it, friend: It's you

For butterflies DO fly quite well
despite what experts say
"without a doubt" you too can fly
and have things go your way!

So, guidance? Yes. Approval? No.
Don't switch the two again
And from now on the question is
not "if", but "how" and "when!"

COMMENTARY: In listening to a client's story last week, I noticed that despite many of the great ideas and dreams she had over the years, many were never pursued to her satisfaction. Probing a bit further, I became convinced that as a result of her own feelings about her potential, she was asking for input from others in a distinct way. It seemed she was awaiting the approval of others she assumed were further ahead in the journey, or whom she thought somehow had a handle on what was possible.

The suggestion I offered to her is that the determining factor in whether you succeed at a particular task is not what others think is possible, but simply with how much conviction you pursue the result. Remember, even "known" laws of physics are limited by human perception. According to a piece I once read, the butterfly's body design wnd wing structure violates all principles of aerodynamics. In other words, according to expert opinion, butterfies can't fly. But fly they do, don't they?

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Walt's Life Rhyme #275
(And Butterflies DO Fly)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 01-03-2003
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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