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''Switchboard (The Enemy Within)''

I marshal all my forces
and I launch my best attack
with plans to smash and conquer
loot and pillage, sweep and sack

And just when all is ready
for that one deciding blow
the tables turn, and now
I have become my own worst foe

And now my new dilemma
seems ironic, almost fated:
I find myself reacting to
a battle I've created

With plans revised I strike again
intent this time to win
this close to calling "checkmate"
and the board gets switched again!

To win at such a conflict
where the enemy's not clear,
my strategy must change:
I must become the one I fear

Yes, think like my arch nemesis
whose thoughts will hold the key
But, wait....oh, no! I see it now.....
.....the enemy is me!!

I'll never win this battle
out to crush, kill and destroy
I'll win when all "his" troops
are also mine too to deploy

Offensive and defensive
must be one mind and the same
when both serve the same outcome
that's the way I'll win the game!

I was listening to Armand Dimele (WBAI's The Positive Mind) , yesterday, describe an interesting technique he used years ago to teach people how to play chess. According to Armand, the game would start as usual, with each player making their moves based on their own strategy. Ten minutes into the game, however, he would turn the board around, and force each player to continue playing from the "other side" , ie. with his or her opponent's pieces and strategy.

This creates an interesting dynamic. If you're the weaker player, it allows you the advantage of proceeding now from a position of strength with a "better" board. If you're the stronger player, you now find yourself in a weaker position, defending against a superior attack, the very attack you created! In either case, you are now experiencing the game from your opponents viewpoint.

What a great metaphor for the game of life! Metaphysically, you can be sure that whatever plans of attack you lay out for another will eventually return to you, for the simple reason that there's no one else out there but you. So, after the "board of life" is switched enough times for you to notice, you'll hopefully revise your strategy and realize that soon you may be playing with your opponents pieces, so the strategy that will work best is one where both have the opportunity to win. For the victory you create may be your own!

Perhaps the best strategy, therefore, is communication, not conflict. Perhaps, when there is conflict, say within yourself, you can create a dialogue between the two parts of you that are in conflict (the "fat" you & the "skinny" you; the "rich" you & the "poor" you; the "happy" you & the "sad" you; the "old" you & the "young" you), and allow each equal time to meet, greet and work together towards a mutual understanding, acceptance and harmony.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #269
(Switchboard (The Enemy Within))
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 11-22-2002
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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