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''Nowhere to Hide''

I come in search of answers
and you make me look inside
You dispel my delusions
and I've no place left to hide

I bring to you my issues
when my time I choose to bide
you challenge me with clarity
and force me to decide

A mentor and a teacher
seems yov'e always been a guide
directions are suggested
(so as not to hurt my pride)

You're loyal to the truth
so you won't always take my side
Myself I'll fool, but never you
with you there's no free ride

Attempts to skirt and sugar coat
those come to naught. I've tried
It either is or not, you say
what is won't be denied

You help me find reality
when dreams and life collide
You help me find the truth of me
when to myself I've lied

I hope you have a friend like mine
with whom you are allied
a voice of reason ever clear
in whom you can confide

For robbed of your excuses
and with no place left to hide
the place where you're left standing
is the place where truth resides!

COMMENTARY: In this journey called life, it's vitally important to have someone to talk with. Someone who has your best interests at heart who will keep you grounded in truth and reality as you address the challenges you face. A true friendship is one which helps you quickly get to the truth of an issue rather than support you in the delusions and lies that you are more likely to engage in in an attempt to escape.

When choosing your friends, don't look simply for blind loyalty. Look for someone loyal to a code of ethics. A friend without a moral compass can only keep you company while you both slide down into decadence, but can't help you on the journey towards the light.

Don't look merely for shared interests. You need an openness to growth. A friend without the propensity for personal growth can play your game quite well, but will never teach you any new ones.

Don't look just for intelligence, but seek introspection. Sometimes the answers to the great "out there" are to be found in the "great within." You need someone who knows where to look.

Seek that friend. Be that friend. And enjoy the ride! --Walt

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Walt's Life Rhyme #268
(Nowhere to Hide)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 11-15-2002
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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