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''From Root to Fruit''

If life were seen to be a tree
desire would be the root
and choices become branches
and outcomes fall like fruit

During yesterday's Passion To Profit workshop in New York, a participant stood to answer the two quesitons I always pose at the beginning of each workshop:

1. What is your passion?

2. What is the challenge you face to bring it to reality.

A.R. spoke of his desire to retire early to be able to spend time with his family, and to really enjoy his life. He said that at the root of his quest was his passion for freedom, and proceeded to elaborate on the tree analogy for the benefit of all in the room. I was impressed with his choice of metaphor, and thus today, I offer to you a short, yet elegant paraphase of A.R.'s words.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #266
(From Root to Fruit)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 11-01-2002
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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