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''Ways and Means''

Here's an excerpt from an email conversation with a friend. And before you ask: NO, not all my correspondences with friends contain Inspirations (hee, hee), but, if you write me on a Friday morning when I'm thinking of what to write for the day's email, there's a good chance your correspondence may be kidnapped and sent hurtling across cyberspace to thousands around the world!

Hi Walt,
I have been a little sad because I was trying to do the right thing by going to school and I'm finding out that it is so expensive. Even though I was honored with some grant money, I would be in so much debt, and that's really not in my financial plans right now. Pace University is one of my 1st choices, but since that one is so expensive I did not take the placement test and send off my paper work. Do you have any suggestions?

-My Academic Reality Yearnings

Hi M.A.R.Y. Do the paperwork and send it off! Expect that if it's meant to be, that the money will come. I didn't get my scholarship to Columbia until AFTER I was already accepted and already in my first semester. A counselor AT THE SCHOOL submitted my name and I got the scholarship.

Education is a great thing! And if it's always been your goal, then go for it! But, keep in mind that if there might be other ways for you to increase your value in the marketplace. If you're doing the education thing to make more money, remember that you're already exceptionally qualified to earn millions if you're willing to take some risks and put yourself out there in ways other than being an employee...

But, whatever you do, keep moving forward!

To put your dreams
on hold and mourn
all in the name of lack's
like coming to conclusions
way before you've got the facts

You never know
what good may come
along the road ahead
but first you've got to
take the trip
in spite of what you dread

I've heard it said
our feelings will,
in ways not understood,
attract the folks and circumstance
that bring to us our good

So focus less
on ways and means
and more on how you'd feel
And walk with the conviction
that the path will be revealed!

From my readings of Neville, and also in a book called Excuse me, Your Life is Waiting, I'm being reminded of the power of "living from the feeling of the wish fulfilled". In other words, the key to achieving your goals is to pretend that the dream is already a reality and to live, think, breathe, walk, talk and be just as you would be if, in fact, your goal were realized. That process of feeling the desired outcome sets up almost mysterious vibrations, that, like a tuning fork, harmonizes with other similarly tuned people and circumstances that will then be naturally attracted into your life! So, don't worry about HOW! As a friend of mine is fond of saying, "HOW is none of your business!"

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Walt's Life Rhyme #264
(Ways and Means)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 10-18-2002
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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