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''Conditions of Necessity''

Conditions of necessity
both natural and contrived
just make me more resolved to say
this too have I survived

Challenge and adversity
while stumbling blocks to some
just give me all the strength I need
to face and overcome

I seem more motivated
when all others give up hope
My fighting skills get better
when I'm up against the ropes

I seem to run my fastest
when the clock is running out
I act more boldly often
when the outcome is in doubt

A week left for a six-day job
and that's when I'll begin
I get much more productive
when a deadline's closing in

I'm using voids and vacuums
to create some sort of lack
I'm ready to move forward
when the wall's against my back

So often when I have a goal
I'm yearning to complete
conditions of necessity
are the fire at my feet!

COMMENTARY: So, here's what I've learned about myself: I work better with deadlines. Whenever I have a project, say a book, or other goal to accomplish, if there isn't one already, I create some sort of external pressure which I use to motivate myself towards completion. For example, when I write a new book, I'll often pre-sell it (even before I've started writing it), and promise to deliver it to my customers by a specific date. The pressure of all those customers waiting for their merchandise is what I use to drive me ever forward. I do the same thing with other goals. I create a condition of necessity, of "having to", that spurs me on to do the thing that need be done.

OK. so it may not be the healthiest habit to have. My good friend says I like unnecessary tension and anxiety in my life, but it seems to work for me. Though I have learned to relax a bit, however. so perhaps I'm relying on it less these days. Maybe you're the same way. Let me know if there are any "pressure addicts" out there!

And thanks for all who turned out for the Barnes & Noble book signing last night! --Walt

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Walt's Life Rhyme #261
(Conditions of Necessity)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 09-27-2002
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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