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''So, What Do You Do?..By any other name''

(Inspired by an actual conversation at the Harlem Book Fair in NYC!)

What's my definition now?
she asked eager to know.
All my life I've had a role
But now I want to grow!

I want to share my story
and help others to succeed
I want to show a clearer path
where others may mislead

I want to travel 'round the world
and charge to give a speech
I want to make a ton of cash
while sitting on the beach

I want to do so many things
heck, even write a book!
But, give up all this education...
man, how will it look?

And better yet, please tell me this
and help me think this through
In Heaven's name what will I say
when asked, "what do you do?"

See, everything I've ever done
fit in such nice neat frames
What title will this new me have?
What role shall I proclaim?

(I see here that you wrote a book,
Mr. Passion Profit Man
It seems you've got some answers
so, please help me if you can)

Tell them first you have no job
that concept's just a myth
Tell them that you play a game
they're not familiar with

Tell them that you're just a light
your goal here's just to shine
Tell them what you do on earth
no earthly words confine

Tell them that your mission
is to be all you can be
Tell them, "Ask tomorrow
for today I'm being me!"

So, tell them anything you like
it matters not the name
What matters is to do the thing
that sparks your inner flame!

By any other name you'll find
what stays the same is you
as Willie* says to thine own self
is whom you should be true!

(*Willie Shakespeare, of course!)

Not to titles. Not to parental expectations. Not to societal standards. Not to the perceived status of the educational accomplishments and letters after your name...but simply to you and your gift.

Inspired by and dedicated to S.Stafford

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Walt's Life Rhyme #258
(So, What Do You Do?..By any other name)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 09-06-2002
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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