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''What Have I Learned?''

Am I where I wish to be?
What titles have I earned?
What truths do I now know to be?
What lessons have I learned?

Have I learned compassion
yea just like the prophets teach?
Or have I yet to walk the talk
and practice what I preach?

Have I learned forgiveness
at those times I feel attacked?
Have I learned to walk away
or must I still fight back?

Have I learned that fairness
means "it's not always about me"?
Or do I only take from life
and give back grudgingly?

Have I learned that justice
and that vengeance aren't the same?
Or do I think that victims' hearts
are soothed when they can blame?

Have I learned to share my gifts
and know that there'll be more?
Or do I think what's mine is mine
and vilify the poor?

Have I learned that ethics
matter most when I'm alone?
Or do I seek the limelight
and make all my good deeds known

Have I learned in life
that things will sometimes go awry?
Or confronted with life's stresses
do I throw a fit and cry?

So, am I who I say I am?
There's just one way to know:
put me to the test and
see what colors start to show!

COMMENTARY: Why might all those experiences be coming your way? What possible good can come of the bad attitudes, others' selfishness, those tests of your "last nerve" that people seem to be good at giving you these days?

Well, they might simply be opportunities for you to know if you are who you know yourself to be. You only know you can swim when you are submerged in water. You only know you're a master, when there are students around. And you only

ARCHIVE NOTES: See "Load Test" (Inspiration 219) for similiar thoughts. --Walt

Inspired by and dedicated to Zahrah and the Zen Experience

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Walt's Life Rhyme #257
(What Have I Learned?)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 08-30-2002
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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