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''A Lesser Stress (aka Boathouse Blues)''

I have a dilemma ...It's very expensive here - so I will probably have to be sharing - yet need space and privacy for my project. Also, since I hate my job, I keep thinking that I should move somewhere cheaper, so can work at something that I like more - but make less money. But - where is that? I go into a tailspin as I ponder all this. So, my focus right now is to find something fairly temporary - that is less than what I now pay - and work less hours so that I can get my passion project on the road!

P.S. I have found a beautiful boat that I could live on - in the Sausalito harbor. However, it is about $300 or so more than I now pay - but living on a boat and around boats is a dream of mine. So, do I go for this dream at hand - and have to continue at a job I hate - and give up freedom - or focus on the project now, live in a traditional boring apartment - and keep envisioning life down the road?

Hi J
I know the sound of crashing waves
would soothe your furrowed brow
but longer days and higher rent
makes no sense, does it now?

It seems to me the goal right now
to live life at its best:
make clear and sound decisions
while you seek the lesser stress

Resist the urge right now
to bite off more than can be chewed
(We handle life less gracefully
when pressure rules our mood)

As ships and planes in peril
will first jettison dead weight
so too in life you'll float and fly
with less stuff on your plate

And have no fear this detour's
but a temporary measure
that keeps you free to see and reach
your true and wished for pleasure!

The options life presents us
as towards our goals we strive
are lost in the distractions
as we complicate our lives!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #254
(A Lesser Stress (aka Boathouse Blues))
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 08-09-2002
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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