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''Turning Stones''

For sure you'll think I'm crazy
or at best a tad insane
But wait, I think I've learned the trick
to winning at this game:

Seek out stones in numbers
seek them everywhere they lie
small ones, big ones, boulders too
just do it, and here's why

Stones that block and trip you
even stones that cause you pain
are really life's great teachers
though you may think them your bane

Once a stone is found and lifted
then hurled out the way
excuses that lay hidden
are exposed to light of day

Even stones that others throw
revealing inner wrath
come with some life lessons
you can use well on your path

Make sure no stone is left unturn
for once each stone is gone
what's left to see are just the steps
of paths you should be on

Yes, each stone hides an answer
that removes a bit of doubt
And seeking stones and turning them's
what winning's all about!

So what are stones? Stones are life's hardships, the hardened beliefs, and the obstacles that block your path. They are also the hard opinions and judgements that others pelt you with that cause you pain.

But understand, each stone hides a step in your path. If stones are blocking your path, then for each stone that you leave unturned, you hide a step that you should be taking in order to move forward on your journey. A step not taken is called an excuse. And, as you know, failure follows excuses.

Once each stone is experienced, dealt with and felt, then the doubts of
"Perhaps I didn't try hard enough. "
"Perhaps I should have given more."
"Perhaps I don't have enough experience."
"Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps..." are all gone as excuses for failure. The only thing left will be "the way."

The reason some people take longer to succeed than others, is that they stroll passively through life avoiding stones. They merely talk about the steps that lie hidden beneath them.

But you, my friend will do things differently. Seek out the obstacles. Follow the fear. Meet the challenges. Stretch the boundaries. Give more. Post a "Help Wanted" sign for unemployed obstacles to come to you for work. Remember, the quickest way "out" is "through."

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Walt's Life Rhyme #250
(Turning Stones)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 07-12-2002
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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