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Today's inspiration is an excerpt from The Tao of Wow! Tao (pronounced dow, as in Dow Jones) is a Chinese word which, loosely translated, means "way". The Tao of Wow, contains wisdom which, applied appropriately, results in success in any endeavor, from business, to politics to romance!

How much more successful could you be in life if you knew exactly what a person would do in a given situation? The Tao of Wow's "45 Ways of Men" (beginning on page 67) reveals just that! Every person you will ever meet in life (including yourself) is living out one of the 45 life themes. If you know a person's theme, you can predict more accurately what he or she will do in response to situations. Here are 12 of the 45 ways as explained by the Wow Master in response to a student's question. The operative word in each theme is capitalized.

For more about the Tao of Wow/Art of Wow, including more excerpts, and to order Walt's "Dual Cover" Collector's edition visit the NEW www.taoofwow.com. (If you pre-ordered the Tao, it's on its way to you right now!)


STUDENT: Master, why do men do the things they do?
WOW MASTER: Men do what they do because:

Some men have come here to cause things to be
and ACTIVATE others to move
Some men have come with a SPIRITUAL goal
the existence of God they must prove

Some men have come here to fight for a CAUSE
through their deeds many others are fed
Some men have come to LEAD masses of men
and by them many masses are led

Some men have come to be makers of ARTS
to add beauty through word and through sound
Some men have come to wreak havoc in life
their goal to IRRITATE and confound

Some men have come here though simply to feel
their EMOTIONS are always their guide
Some men have come here as LONERS in fact
and seek always to withdraw and to hide

9-10 Some men have come here as JESTERS in court
content just to make others smile
Some men have come here as VICTIMS of sorts
and are here only for a short while

Some men have come here to take away pain
HEALING ailments of ordinary men
Some men have come here avenging all wrongs
and seek JUSTICE by sword or by pen

The Wow Master knows that men have come to be. That is, that men have come so that they may be that which they have chosen to be. Men are here to learn what it is like to walk the path they choose. The Wow Master recognizes this choice as purpose. The Wow Master also recognizes that choice can be chain and that purpose can be punishment. And that the masses of men are in a constant state of battle because their choices may be both wing or weight. The Wow Master sees the 45 ways of men as the necessary expression of the Eternal Wow in a state of manifestation and therefore, is neither shocked nor shamed by the things men will do.

[End book excerpt]

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Walt's Life Rhyme #242
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 05-17-2002
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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