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''How can I help?''

Perhaps it's still a virtue
or maybe it's a curse
I'm often found dispensing aid
as if I was a nurse

You weary? Let me help you
You lost? Then take this road
Confused? Think on this option then
You weak? Give me your load

It happens without pretense
No interest in applause
Just feels like it's the thing to do
no reason, just because

But why are some more giving
while some seem not to care?
What motive lies behind the actions...
Selfishness or fear?

Perhaps it's for approval
Perhaps to gain control
Perhaps because the act of giving
fills the giver's soul

But people do their best
to get through life while they're here
You'll notice different ways they cope
Just know their heart's still there

But keep YOUR heart wide open
and know when you're in doubt:
The time spent helping others
is what life is all about!

At a recent poetry gathering, I had a chance to discuss some interesting topics with several of the guests. During the course of a chat with one individual in particular, I noticed two separate instances in which he showed himself to be particularly skillful at noticing the needs of others in the immediate area, and of offering his help to make things easier for them. (And he wasn't the host!) That got us into a discussion of the prevalence and/or absence of that unique trait among the general population.

Why are some people more helpful than others? Why will some hold the door for you while some wil not? There are undoubtedly a million different reasons. Perhaps it's a coping strategy developed early in life by a child seeking approval and a parent's love for being Mommy or Daddy's little helper. Perhaps those who aren't as helpful are avoiding the pain of being hurt or taken for granted in the past.

Of course, a discussion like that could last forever, so it was left unresolved with the simple suggestion that because there are in fact so many factors that govern an individual's behavior, that we shouldn't expect everyone to be on the same page at all times. And don't get upset at others for not being as giving and as helpful as you'd like, but don't let THEIR way of being jade YOU to the virtues and benefits of giving.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #241
(How can I help?)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 05-10-2002
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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