Walt's Life Rhyme #240     Not For Gold Or Silver    A unique brand of inspiration by Walt F.J. Goodridge! (Originally sent as Walt's Friday Inspirations)

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''Not For Gold Or Silver''

Not for gold or silver
no, those days have long since gone
You think I'll dance for dollars?
Then you've got me figured wrong

Not prestige or position
makes me do the things I do
I chase a bigger vision now
that you're not privy to

No prize, award or statue
ever holds me in its spell
You can't afford the core of me
what's more, I'll never sell

Perhaps for love and laughter, though
you'll see me jump through rings
But tempt me not with paper
for I seek not earthly things

Perhaps to make a difference
just because I passed this way
But not for fiscal benefit
I'd do this without pay

For legacies that linger
that help others to succeed
But not because you promise
me some title or some deed

Integrity for income?
no, that's not a trade I'll make
So find another carrot, friend
I've got too much at stake!

So keep your gifts and bribes
and take this worthless ransom letter
And thanks for calling, try again
....once you know me better!

Long story short: Had an interesting call yesterday from someone who owes me money for an item purchased. We met at a music convention, and as he didn't have any money on him to purchase one of my books, I let him have it with the promise that he would pay me when he got back home. Now, In essence, a few days later, he wanted to use that fact to get me to meet with him (he preferred to pay me in cash) so he could also pitch a business idea.

When I instead told him to send payment to my PO box and to forward the business proposal to my office for my review (that's just how I do business, since I get a lot of pitches, and I work out of my home office!), he was taken aback by the fact that I wasn't willing to alter my way of doing business to get his (my) money.
At one point in our conversation, he suggested that since he was only willing to pay in cash, that I take HIS number and CALL HIM, when I was prepared to meet him to get my money!

The truth is, I know I can't force him to do what he doesn't intend to do. I'm not a collection agency. So, if he really wants to complete our original transaction and pay for the book he ordered, he'll do it with a check or money order because it's the honorable thing to do, and/or because he wants to.

And, if he wants me to consider his proposal, he'll send it according to the process I've outlined.

Now don't get me wrong. I know I'm playing a game called "Business" and cashflow is a key component of that game. But, I also know that I didn't agree to place my standards on hold, or to be manipulated in order to play.


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Walt's Life Rhyme #240
(Not For Gold Or Silver)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 05-03-2002
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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