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''A Nicer Place''

After the tremendous response that Inspiration #232-- ("What Kind of Life")--elicited, it seems that a few people are noticing how they themselves as well as other people interact with the world. Today's offering is inspired by an email exchange I had yesterday with a dear friend.

As I was typing my response to Mary's email, I had that feeling I get that makes me say, "Uh-oh, I feel an Inspiration coming on!" Hope you like it! --Walt :-)

P.S. And for those of you who continue to ask: YES, I do write the poems myself, and I do write a brand new one each week!)


Hi Walt, After work yesterday, I decided to take the bus just a few blocks to Penn Station to head home. As I'm sitting on the bus, I noticed two people interacting heatedly a few seats away. Seems one woman sitting on the aisle seat had an empty window seat next to her. Another elderly women asked if the seated woman would be kind enough to let her pass so she could sit there.

I couldn't believe what happened! The woman sitting did not want to move to let the other woman sit next to her. Can you believe that? She did not want to be inconvenienced...!!!...on "Public Transportation!!! Is this ridiculous or what?? What kind of world are we living in???

So, anyway, after all was said and done, I did what I could to add a bit of niceness to it all and, and as the second woman was leaving, I said with a smile, "Please Try To Have A Nice Evening!!" I just know that she needed those encouraging words. And she smiled back at me as she left!
--From Mary

I REPLIED: Hey Mary,

the way I look at it is that at the end of the day, you can confidently and happily say that there was one less fight in the world, because you didn't start one. One less bitter person in the world, because you chose not to be one.

One more smile in the world, because you decided to give one. One more nice person on that bus, because you decided to be one!

A Nicer Place
The world's a nicer place today
with one less angry word
There's one less victim crying foul
afraid she won't be heard

The world's a peaceful place today
with one less war to fight
There's one less person trying hard
to prove he's always right

The world's a hopeful place today
for one less dream was killed
There's one less person blocking you
from seeing dreams fulfilled

The world's a cheerful place today
there's one more laugh you'll hear
There's one less person frowning
'cause she lives her life in fear

I know beyond a doubt
the world's a better place to be...
...because that peaceful, hopeful
cheerful, fearless person's ME!!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #234
(A Nicer Place)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 03-22-2002
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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