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''Make It Right''

Sometimes your head will lead you
but your heart will want its way
still, either one will serve you
if you first make it OK

Sometimes you'll need departure
from your normal way of being
just know that you're still you
with just a different way of seeing

Sometimes you'll make new choices
and the hardest thing you'll do
is learning how to live and love
the ever-changing you

Sometimes you'll know what must be done
but fight it tooth and nail
to make sure that your view of you
will triumph and prevail

No action's ever taken
'til we run it through this test:
"Is this the me I want to be,
or will I now be less?"

Most times the question's easy
but the battle that we fight's
not finding the right answer, no...
...but how to make it right!

Psychologists say that humans are incapable of doing something they know to be wrong unless they can somehow first justify it in their minds and make it "right." Similarly, we often need to justify any new course of action as being "right" for us before we can take it.

Think about a challenge you're facing right now. Think about the possible ways you could address it in order to have things be the way you wish.

Chances are you already know what the BEST course of action is, but something is preventing you from taking it. Perhaps you fear the consequences. Perhaps you doubt your abilities. Perhaps you fear being vulnearable. Perhaps you worry what it says about you and how others will see and think about you if you do it. Perhaps you're clinging to old tapes of who you know yourself to be even when it ceases to be effective.

All of these reasons are simply meanings that YOU'VE attached to these actions. And, therefore it's within your power to change what's right.

The struggle is often not "What route shall I take?", but "Am I still me if I take it?"

Before you can take any new couse of action, you have to be OK with being that new person you believe you'll become. Or, you'll need to change your judgement of the type of person you believe it will make you.

Don't worry, you'll still be you....just a bit more.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #223
(Make It Right)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 01-04-2002
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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