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''Here To Hide?''

I have a friend who lives concealed
who keeps herself inside
I feel she's got so much to live
At times I've almost cried

A fugitive from fun, it seems
"But why so shy?", I pried
"Is there not more to life than this?"
and here's how she replied:

"My precious time is wasted
doing things I've never tried.
I like the things I like," she said
I'd rather stay inside."

It seems instead of facing life
your time you've come to bide
Say yes to life for once, I urged
it's time to turn the tide

And do some things you've never done
For time's short, I implied
And show the world the gifts you've brought
Don't let them be denied

And share with some the things you've learned
you might be someone's guide
Whoever said you walk alone
believe me, friend, they lied

And take the time to see the world
and travel far and wide
there's much to see, and well, who knows
you might enjoy the ride

So to my friend who fears the fun
Once and for all decide
are you here on earth to show and tell
...or are you here to hide?

To paraphrase a great quote I heard today on the Gary Null Show, it's not the time you spend on your strengths that creates your legacy, but the time spent on your weaknesses. We all have both strengths and weaknesses, but it is the work we do to keep our weaknesses from undermining our strengths that makes us rise to the greatest levels of accomplishment.

My good friend who inspired today's Inspiration has tremendous assets to offer the world. But the fact that she allows her fear of venturing out to keep those strengths from getting the greatest possible exposure, is what may ultimately limit her service to and enjoyment of the world, and what causes me the most sadness.

I'd like to be able to sprinkle some magic dust over her and have her wake up more open to new ideas and ways of being, and live beyond her weaknesses. But, alas, I know that decision is hers alone to make.

In any event, I can relate to her situation. I, too, tend to remain in those environments in which I feel most successful. Every time I immerse myself in my next book, website, or business venture (those areas of my strengths), I neglect to carve out the appropriate time to work on the areas where I need the most work. (ie. my social life, romance, etc.)

Perhaps my greatest legacy will not be the books, websites and ventures, at all, but the simple act of letting someone else inside to share it all with. I, too, have to remind myself ...I'm not here to hide.

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Walt's Life Rhyme #220
(Here To Hide?)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 12-14-2001
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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