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''Load Test''

Seems each day more weight is added
you take more hits than you can bear
but before you call it madness
listen close to what I'll share

You can smile through disappointment
You can laugh despite the pain
when you really know what's going on
there's much that you will gain

Every object (man's or nature's),
must be put under some stress
it's the only way to know
if it's been built to pass the test

Every structure gets load tested
if it gives under the strain
that just means it time to go
back to the drawing board again!

Think of buildings in your city
floor on floor up to the skies
just the strongest of foundations
can add more stories to their rise

Even seeds don't have it easy
damp and packed there in the mud
they too face all types of stress
to overcome before they bud

So don't break under the pressure
simply smile now that you know:
"Every thing must be load tested
for under pressure's how we grow!"

As a former civil engineer, and now as the owner of several websites, I'd like to introduce you to a concept call "load testing." In civil engineering, a structure like a bridge, or a building is subjected to weight to determine if it can and will support the loads (cars, people etc.) for which it's being designed. A similar process happens in website design. Before a website "goes live" (ie. is launched), it's subjected to a test that simulates thousands of simultaneous visitors to see if it can handle (without crashing) the million "hits" (visits) per day that a successful advertising campaign might generate.

Well, wouldn't you know it, something similar happens in life, too. The minute you decide YOU want to "go live", or take yourself to another level, the universe sends a load test your way. You'll know when you're being load-tested because you'll feel the pressure of everyday life increasing, or you'll find that everything you attempt seems to go wrong, or you might meet upon a hundred roadblocks that test your patience, commitment, strength and will power. You'll feel like you too are receiving a thousand hits a day, or a thousand pounds per square inch of pressure! The question is, Are you ready to "go live? " Can your structure support the load and the pressure? That's what is really going on. Once it's determined that you've got what it takes, then like a building, another story will be added to your rise. (Get it? Story?) Like a website, you'll be ready to go "live"! So, the next time you're going through an obvious load test, you can smile, because NOW you know what's really going on!

Think of buildings in your city
floor built on floor up to the skies
and the stronger the foundation is
the higher it can rise

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Walt's Life Rhyme #219
(Load Test)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 12-07-2001
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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