Walt's Life Rhyme #210     If You Only Knew and Something to look forward to    A unique brand of inspiration by Walt F.J. Goodridge! (Originally sent as Walt's Friday Inspirations)

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''If You Only Knew and Something to look forward to''

If you only knew your power
it might go straight to your head
your days would be quite different
and you'd never go to bed

If you only knew the power
that you have to change the world
you'd spend your days doing more than
simply watching things unfurl

If you only knew the power
that's inside for you to wield
what wrongs would you be righting?
and what hurts could you then heal?

Imagine what you'd be like
if you woke one day to find
your thoughts had crossed the border
to another state of mind

Imagine you're no longer bound
to earthly points of view
and people's thoughts
will not define what you can do

If you knew the world awaits your say
to make real all your plans
you'd feel like you could almost fly
and bend steel in your hands

Imagine too it's not just you
but people everywhere
who've conquered limitations
and have vanquished all their fear

.....But sadly, though, it's just a dream
for most will never know:
the only thing that stops them
is the will to make it so...


(But now that YOU know, now you've got...)

Something To Look Forward To

I woke up a different person
yeah, I know it must sound trite
but just trust me when I tell you
for the first time things feel right

For almost overnight
some things are happening like I've wanted
the little and the big dreams
that for years have had me haunted

My eyes see much more clearly
and the pressure? It just stopped!
my good now overfloweth
like champagne that's just been popped!

An angel's visitation?
man, who knows. I couldn't say
But let's just say I'm grateful
and I hope it stays this way

Was just about to settle
but I'm glad that I held out
Imagine where I'd be now
if I'd given in to doubt

But if you try to reach me
to explain what's going on
I'm out living the good life....!
but I'll leave my voicemail on!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #210
(If You Only Knew and Something to look forward to)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 10-05-2001
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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