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''Out of Order''

If everything in life
happens according to plan
then nothing can ever really
be late

Contemplate this
as you reach for your dreams
and it'll help pass the time
while you wait

For if a leads to b
and then b leads to c
then by design does
your daily life move

It might not seem to fit
any schedule or plan
but there's order
and this I shall prove

Like each note in a song
played too soon and it's wrong
out of time
and the tune goes astray

It's not due to ill will
but a sequence to fill
that's at cause
when things don't go your way

Would a playwright begin
without pencil or pen?
would a bird dare to perch
in mid flight?

It seems the trick then to get
any goal that you set
is know the steps
and then order them right!

COMMENTARY: (this rhymes too)
I ran into a naysayer (a dream stealer) last week, who tried his best to rain on my parade. My feelings were hurt, my resolve called to bear all from a single biting comment he made.

The sentiment he expressed really threw me for a loop, and I was tempted to respond and cut ties. But I took time to think, and finding no evil intent, I concluded he was simply unwise.

Who are you to think that, all my dreams will fall flat? That was so out of order, I did muse. But if his concept of things were out of order it seems, then so too would be all of his views.

Anyone who insists that a thing can't be done suffers not just from merely poor sight. But convinced that no path leads to where they would dwell, are then doomed to fail... try as they might.

The naysayers are unwise
to the order of things
be on guard
lest you too be mislead

Every point does connect
to one point just before
all you need
is to know where to tread

All goals are reachable if you tread wisely and in the right sequence!

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Walt's Life Rhyme #205
(Out of Order)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 08-31-2001
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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