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''BE On Your Way''

To have the world respond at once
and answer when you call
step up from thought to being
for being takes no time at all

Don't think about it too much now
much precious time you'll lose
Go straight to BE and don't pass go
to live the life you choose

What is just is right now that's all
that's where you should begin
for chances are with too much thought
you'll never just jump in

For being is the quickest route
to get to BE from A
You'll always BE more than you think
So just BE.... on your way

So now that you know that your thoughts create your reality, what's the next step? Well, remember that the cycle of succcess is 1)BE, 2) DO, 3)HAVE. Too many people have it reversed and think that they must first "HAVE" in order to "DO", and as a result will "BE". For example, "If I HAD a lot of money, I could DO the things I want to do and then I would BE happy". However, Passion Seekers, Inspirers and those on this journey of self-discovery know that first they must BE, then DO, and the HAVING will take care of itself! Being comes first, even before thought. In fact, thinking is a form of "doing" and therefore must be preceded by a "being". What you are being causes the thoughts you need to create your reality. So start with Be! (Inspired by Friendship with God by Neal Donald Walsch)

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Walt's Life Rhyme #204
(BE On Your Way)
© Walt F.J. Goodridge
Originally published: 08-24-2001
''I share what I know,
so that others may grow!''


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